Portrait of the missus and the baby. Took this quick snapshot while the three brothers were playing in the splash pad after we got hamburgers and went to the park. 📷
Finally got around to importing my CD (!) archive of old iPhotos libraries into Lightroom and came across this gem of an iPhone 3G screenshot.
On Friday, we got our first date night since the before times thanks to my mom who came to visit.
Got some developed that has been sitting for a few months. This shot, cropped from 6x6 medium format, was among the gems. 📷
My mom came into town this weekend and is enjoying every minute she can with her grandkids.
Oof. The 3yo just spilled cup of noodles on himself after insisting he could “do it himself.” Poor kiddo.
We did a mini adventure this morning. The baby was up all night, so she wasn’t having it, But her brothers, had a great time. Home now, out of the afternoon heat.
Walking a grumpy baby back to sleep at 3 AM, for the win.
For the amount of money folks pay for internet service, you’d think the help desk would be more competent when the internet goes out. Alas, you’d be wrong.
Hedley Bull, with a useful reminder for those worried about their daily “word count.” “thinking is also research.” Via @ProfPaulPost on Twitter
@manton, on Twitter Whenever I dip my toe into what’s going on with Twitter, I’m always struck by how the outrage level is always a “10”, no matter the topic. I think was Bruno Maçaes who put it best, Twitter is where we reenact the French Revolution every day.
I was told there would be NO clouds in Arizona. No clouds! I demand to speak with a manager.