It’s all fun and games until you find pumpkin pie in your gym shoes. Happy Thanksgiving, my amigos. 🤙🏽
🛫 in St. Louis for my second post pandemic work trip. It’ll be a mad dash to the end of the semester. So very grateful to do in person academic things again.
Early day. Heading to the airport for my second in-person confrence this fall. It’s starting to feel like normal. St. Louis if a fun town but I think I’ll be too far from the museum to visit. Alas, I’ll be near the arch.
So tired I shampooed with conditioner and conditioned with… well, yeah.
Tomorrow I start teaching Camus’s The Plague, and so began re-listening to a podcast my colleague and I did on the novel early in the pandemic. I’m surprised to say, it holds up 18 months later.
22 “short” papers graded in a single night. Oof. I got behind and needed those done because midterm essays for another class are coming very soon.
Look. My oldest doesn’t like peanut butter or chocolate. So I’m doing him a favor by taking all his Reese’s cups and pieces. It’s an act of parental sacrifice.
Underneath Wasn’t trying to emulate the amazing shot from @maique. But while editing another photo, the baby was goofing off in the sheets playing peekaboo with me.