“As a born-and-bred Californian, I naturally think of RTOR as God’s will.” Kevin Drum, “Right Turn on Red” is California’s gift to the nation As a born-and-bred Californian, I naturally think Drum is correct.

Fleeing Mariupol, one checkpoint at a time. We were the last journalists in Mariupol. Now there are none. We are still flooded by messages from people wanting to learn the fate of loved ones we photographed and filmed.

Considering Options in Ukraine, me at Providence Journal. I’ll post a TLDR thread later.

For those following me here on the blog or via micro.blog, just a note that I’ve been on Twitter of late sharing articles and my thoughts on Ukraine. If you’re interested in that, you can find me there.

When geopolitics hits home: Just saw a gas station up it’s price 7¢ on the marquee as I was driving by.

Mark Tooley has it about right: So maybe Putin’s overreach in Ukraine will ultimately destroy him. But if so, it may take years to see that destruction. The United States should be persistent, patient, and confident.

It seems that the war has started. A lot will remain in flux in the coming hours and days. Keep that in mind as you read the news. My general approach will be to read widely, repost cautiously.

The audacity of a school administrator trying to end run around parents who, respectively, have a PhD and an MSW and who know the rules at least as well as they do is something. I don’t know if I’m appalled at the behavior or impressed at the bravado.

As a general rule, real estate agents randomly texting folks at 9:30pm on a weekend asking if his house is for sale is not an effective strategy of cold calling potential leads.

What's in my RSS right now

Earlier in the week, I posted on what apps and subscriptions I have currently, going into 2022. I thought it was helpful to clarify for myself where my financial commitments were going. Even free apps will use data—either data that I pay for, or data that I create in using it—or my time, …

A year ago was a rough day for Americans. I wrote this shortly after, and I’d like to think it holds up.

🗞 Your Attention Didn’t Collapse, It Was Stolen Brutal. See also, Deep Work

🗞 Why has classical music declined? - Marginal REVOLUTION Tyler mentions them, but I’m going with two wars that destroyed European culture and technologies that shifted “music” from the score to the recording (read: personality).

Here’s a (possibly) mind-blowing fact: just about every time you load a web page on a browser, or click to a new experience inside an app, there’s code being run that sends your data to an ad exchange, which then broadcasts that data to hundreds of potential bidders (themselves connected to …

Jobs outlook for the summer

Lot of intereesting stuff on the jobs data, From the Washington Post, via @Pratik earlier today: It’s not a ‘labor shortage.’ It’s a great reassessment of work in America. But Scott Sumner called it awhile ago Because millions of unemployed workers in low pay service sector jobs earn more on …

The Crypto State?

Bruno Maçaes, writes at City Journal But here are my provisional suggestions on how things could go. The critical issue is, of course, taxation. It is here that crypto issues the more determinate challenge to the core powers of the modern nation-state. Some in the crypto space believe that the slow …

Why the debate might have been the best in 20 years It’s been a busy news week, and I forgot to post this. I wrote up a short piece arguing what has been a minority view on the debate. While the debate may have been overshadowed by the growing number of cases inside the upper-reaches of …