Luke M. Perez

Not every day that you get to have dinner with Consuls General from two foreign nations. 🤙🏽

Lotta folks dunking on Kissinger. I would like to know how many of them have read Diplomacy, World Order, or any of the biographies which are don’t hold back, while providing some real depth to the man, and the policies?

☕️ 🛫 wasn’t on the agenda 12 hours ago, but here we are.

Donna Noble. That’s it. That’s the post. Welcome back, Donna.

Forgot to wear my “game of the century” (2006 throwback) t shirt this morning. But the kids were behaving, so we had to take the photo before the moment was gone. O-H-I-O

Thanksgiving pie, and moral responsibility. A hilarious classic thread.

Finished reading: Hesiod by Apostolos N. Athanassakis 📚 Love this translation.

Finished reading: Four Texts on Socrates by Plato 📚

Finished reading: Is Remote Warfare Moral? by Joseph O Chapa 📚

NYT. Microsoft Hires Sam Altman In case you missed it, Sam Altman Doesn’t Want to be your AI King… but he might be anyway, The New Atlantis (July 2023)

Took the big kid to his first college football game (and he helped with some pregame festivities).

Happening now: In the desert, rain is a public event.

As a rule, burying your lede behind 2334 of throat clearing doesn’t exactly make your case all that strong.

Been without a refrigerator for a week and half, took a full seven calendar days to the return on the one that didn’t fit. I can go buy a new one today, except that I have meetings and teaching from 7:30am until 4:30pm. One more day.

Scout hike today…

All Hallows Eve, from the Mushroom Kingdom

Civilians have a right to flee hostilities, but Hamas won't let them

Senior administration officials say Egypt was insisting no one could come out of Gaza until all the aid got in, but that those Egyptian officials have now relented, but now Hamas is holding up the exit of the Americans. NBC News, Frustration Grows Among U.S. Citizens Stuck in Gaza “The …

Finished reading: Just War and Ordered Liberty by Paul D. Miller 📚

Mom fell asleep before the little one, so I come in and she’s crawled up next to her, mom’s phone in hand, watching Frozen like it’s no big deal.

‘Hamas said they wouldn’t shoot, then murdered my daughter’ - BBC News “They’re screaming ‘we don’t shoot’, and then they shot. Tsachi yelled ‘who’s been hit, who’s been hit?’ And it was Maayan. She fell next to him, and then Hamas were …

“We hope that … we can bring the unidentified down to less than 200. But some people, we will never find. We will never identify them. And people need to be prepared for this.” Hamas torture confirmed as Israeli forensics institute identifies victims

‘Indefatigable’ Chicago Woman Whose Skydive at 104 Drew Admiration Dies, NYT Rest in peace, Dorothy. And thanks for the mini-lesson on living well.

Last night someone didn’t want to turn 6. Today, he seems pretty content to have turned 6.