A Big Ten welcome to USC and UCLA.

I can confirm that a cheese grater, if properly sharp and well maintained, can take a deep chunk of skin clean off your thumb faster than you drop an f-bomb from the sharp pain. Just in case you were wondering, now you know.

Take maths seriously, folks.

I am not wholly persuaded by this novel proposition for selecting SCOTUS Justices, but maybe. It’s better than the 18 year proposal which wouldn’t de-escalate the significance of presidential elections and Court nominations.

“But our holding in Espinoza turned on the substance of free exercise protections, not on the presence or absence of magic words.”

Sick burn from SCOTUS

As Father’s Day gifts go, hard to beat the goldfish my daughter (18mo) shoved into my mouth while smiling. Cheers, fellow dads.

Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

Paco (4yo) didn’t think he was dirty enough to justify a bath. So he put it hands in his spaghetti bowl, wiped it on his face, arms, and belly and then said “oh no, I guess I need a bath after spaghetti night.”

My wife has a flair for the dramatic. 🔥

I’m uninstalling Emacs and moving my config files into archive. As powerful as it is, maintaining it isn’t worth my time and energy, especially when a good chunk of my workflow is on the iPad. It’s been a good run (~11 years), but it’s time to move on (at least for now).