🗞️ NCAA 2.8 Billion dollar settlement will pay college athletes directly. WSJ

Long-time coming. Probably bad for college sports, but justly over due.

Monday vibes

Wide angle crop of children playing in a splash pad

Sunday vibes.

Wide angle photograph of Chase Field, a baseball park.Young boy cheeringPhotograph of father and son after a baseball game

I was in Washington earlier this week. The view as we left in a light rain and fog was splendid.

Photograph from an airplane window of the Washington Monument surrounded by clouds.

Perils (and joys) of homeownership. 25+ year old oven finally dies, 4 years into my ownership. But the 25+ year old cabinents were not built to spec, and required some attention to fit the new one. (The new one cooks much better.)

It arrived early! @ayjay did a marvelous job. Beautiful layout, typography, binding. Looking forward to a good slow read of it just as classes and the hectic pace of finals ends.

Photo of W. H. Auden’s Shield of Achilles, a new edition published in 2024.

I finally pre-ordered Auden’s Shield of Achilles, back in print thanks to the hard work of @ayjay — it is top of my summer reading queue.

Finished reading: Nation Builder by Charles N. Edel 📚

Finished reading: Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck 📚

(Finished in January, but didn’t realize I had not yet moved it over.)

Finished reading: The American War in Afghanistan by Carter Malkasian 📚

A flawed book, but comprehensive overview of the entire war. Recommended, esp if you’ve read other books on the subject.

How to ruin a pair of shoes, for $90, my Google Review

Moral of the story, always keep your receipts. Sigh.

Currently reading: The American War in Afghanistan by Carter Malkasian 📚

Finished reading: The Diplomacy of the American Revolution by Samuel Flagg Bemis 📚

Finished reading: Finding Faith in Foreign Policy by Gregorio Bettiza 📚

Flawed, and I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one—but it’s essential for the topic.

Finished reading: King Henry IV Part 1 by William Shakespeare 📚

A Psychiatrist Tried to Quit Gambling. Betting Apps Kept Her Hooked, WSJ

Betting companies “…can track when customers last used the app and offer credits and other incentives to persuade their most-valued gamblers–by definition, the biggest losers–to return.

I’m giving up social media for Lent, inter alia. While I will still be posting (from Drafts or MarsEdit), I will not be interacting much or at all until Easter. My choice has more to do with other platforms than MicroBlog ::coughYouTubeTwittercough:: but I want to be earnest all the same. 🙏🏽

Finished reading: Considerations on the Causes of the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline by Charles de Secondat Montesquieu 📚