Lot of folks ask, how hot is it in Arizona? Well, it’s nard to say. I mean, you get used it. But…

Screenshot of iPhone overheating warning.

🎥 Turning the Tables on AI, iA Writer.

I like the idea of getting the AI to ask the writer questions for clarity; I suspect many of my students will find that useful too.

Your periodic reminder not write and edit your own wikipedia page. It’s just bad form.

You guys! I don’t pickleball is coming in Spring 2024.

Photo from June 2024 of a sign for a pickleball court “coming spring 2024”

44 rotations around the sun. (It was yearerday, but I always give D-Day pride of place, especially this year, 80 years since.) I have this running joke with the kids that I’m 100+my real age, hence the numbers on the cake.

Portrait of author with his four kids and a birthday cake.

🗞️ NCAA 2.8 Billion dollar settlement will pay college athletes directly. WSJ

Long-time coming. Probably bad for college sports, but justly over due.

Monday vibes

Wide angle crop of children playing in a splash pad

Sunday vibes.

Wide angle photograph of Chase Field, a baseball park.Young boy cheeringPhotograph of father and son after a baseball game

I was in Washington earlier this week. The view as we left in a light rain and fog was splendid.

Photograph from an airplane window of the Washington Monument surrounded by clouds.

Perils (and joys) of homeownership. 25+ year old oven finally dies, 4 years into my ownership. But the 25+ year old cabinents were not built to spec, and required some attention to fit the new one. (The new one cooks much better.)

It arrived early! @ayjay did a marvelous job. Beautiful layout, typography, binding. Looking forward to a good slow read of it just as classes and the hectic pace of finals ends.

Photo of W. H. Auden’s Shield of Achilles, a new edition published in 2024.

I finally pre-ordered Auden’s Shield of Achilles, back in print thanks to the hard work of @ayjay — it is top of my summer reading queue.

Finished reading: Nation Builder by Charles N. Edel 📚

Finished reading: Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck 📚

(Finished in January, but didn’t realize I had not yet moved it over.)

Finished reading: The American War in Afghanistan by Carter Malkasian 📚

A flawed book, but comprehensive overview of the entire war. Recommended, esp if you’ve read other books on the subject.

How to ruin a pair of shoes, for $90, my Google Review

Moral of the story, always keep your receipts. Sigh.