Luke M. Perez

The kiddos love “surprising” me for my birthday. The sign greeted me when I arrived at home as. My age is an inside joke with the kids.

Sony animators > Disney/Pixar.

She is such a diva. Note the semi-prone flop, wherein she contains the option of spreading out more if the adults don’t respond to this faux-tantrum in a manner befitting her attention.

I’m reading Walt Whitman at the boys’ first day of summer (indoor!) soccer. ☕️📚⚽️

“Mom, I wanted to see how far it would boomerang,” he said after my wife heard the ominous snap from behind the minivan.

Look, all I’m saying is get yourself a Gorilla Cart. Great for moving stuff around the yard. And in a pinch, they make great water tubs.

Wild video of storm chasers intercepting a tornado. Just wild.

She’s the best mom. Love this woman.

🛫 PHX -> BWI

::big kid lecturing his younger brother about why we had to leave the park early (after some big feelings):: Me: “hey, dude. Leave your brother alone. He’s upset.” Big kid: “what?! I’m teaching him an important life lesson!”

While taking a job candidate to dinner, I spied Pete Carroll having dinner. Didn’t expect that on my Friday night bingo card.

Finished reading: The Aeneid by Publius Vergilius Maro 📚

A few architectural details from Chicago last weekend. 📷 #vsco First two from the Palmer House. Last one from St. John Cantius Church

Alex Tabarrok, Costco

🗞 Leaker of U.S. secret documents worked on military base, friend says. WaPo, no paywall. My conclusion in the short term is the FBI should have little to no trouble finding the leaker.

As Easter Sunday winds down, I am struck by the sheer number of derisive, hostile, and contemptuous posts on the social medias that, if directed at any other faith group in the world, would be rightly derided as bigoted.

SNA -> PHX 🛬 I was in the homeland less than 20 hours. Happy Easter everyone.

🛫 PHX -> ONT

FWIW, the Mario Brothers movie was not nearly as bad as my priors were going into it. Kids loved it, I laughed a few times. Many allusions and homages to nearly all the older versions of the game.

Finished reading: Safe Passage by Kori Schake 📚

Tough break, Aztecs. That second half of the first half killed ya. Next year.

This shot reminds me of Kris Jenkins of Villanova beating UNC in 2016 (though with Villanova for the championship and SD State for the trip to the final). Congrats to the Aztecs, to San Diego.

Finished reading: Shakespeare’s Sonnets & Poems by William Shakespeare 📚

I haven’t watched a bad game this entire tournament. 🏀

It’s all fun and games until the 5yo scratches his older brother’s kindle screen on the backyard concrete. 🤙🏽