Early last summer, in a fit of a desperation, I read the first few of Shakespeare’s Sonnets to get my kids (then 5 and 3) calmed down for bed. Tonight we just finished our second run through and began our third.

🎥 Great Recordings — Random Access Memory

I’m not ready for her to be a beautiful toddler. But she runs ahead to her future anyway.

📷: the inestimable Mrs. Perez

Sometimes you have to start your coffee day with an espresso and then move on to a pour over. Today is one of those days.

One year!

Back at it for another season ⚽️

First practice for the kiddos today.

Dad life. Baby girl (1yo on Friday), screaming bloody murder for mom, and then at hand off, stops, takes a big sigh, and just relaxes with her head in arms. ❤️

In a first for student emails. The entire email—greeting, body, salutation—is in the subject line.

How to course prep for the first day of class tomorrow when your wife is recovering from Covid, and it is also her birthday:

  1. You don’t.
  2. There is no step two.

As a general rule, real estate agents randomly texting folks at 9:30pm on a weekend asking if his house is for sale is not an effective strategy of cold calling potential leads.