Pac-12’s demise is story of 12 years of hubris, apathy, astounding mismanagement

There will presumably be many eulogies written about the demise of the West Coast’s beloved, century-old Conference of Champions, a league that produced the likes of Bill Walton, Marcus Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Alex Morgan.

This is not that story.

This is the story of how 12 years of hubris, apathy and astounding mismanagement turned a once-shining mansion into a smoldering vat of ashes, with Oregon and Washington now following UCLA and USC to the Big Ten and Utah, Arizona and Arizona State set to join Colorado in the Big 12.

I’m late to comment, but this article is wild. Not to missed, is the coverage in the Wall Street Journal on George Kliavkoff’s multiple dumpster fire’s.

My only insight is that all of this, all of this was foreseeable when they created the BCS. The need for an undisputed college national champion in football got us here. And there’s no going back, so we might as well buckle up for USC v. Ohio State every year (or nearly so) while we’re at it.