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As Father’s Day gifts go, hard to beat the goldfish my daughter (18mo) shoved into my mouth while smiling. Cheers, fellow dads.

Every year for my birthday, my kids “surprise” me with a home made cake or cupcakes. It takes more work for me to conveniently be gone, and not hear them talking to mom about “you know what.” But it’s swell all the same. 📷

I didn’t watch the WWDC keynote. But I did take the kids to their first swim lessons. 📷

“Dad, how do you know stuff about the past?”

“I’m a dad. I know almost everything.“

“Oh yeah, who was the tallest president to ever live?”

“Abraham Lincoln.”

::grins in surprise:: “Well done, well done.”

Beautiful blood moon tonight. We were able to see it at a reasonable hour in Arizona. Kids loved it. Simply stunning.

We let momma hit up brunch and a brewery, alone, this morning after Mass. Then we joined her for the last little bit. 📷

Cheers, again, to all the moms!

Queued up for the evening.

First time for the kiddos. She’s not even in Wonderland and their already enthralled.


The kiddos and their cousins shut it down. 📷