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I’m not ready for her to be a beautiful toddler. But she runs ahead to her future anyway.

📷: the inestimable Mrs. Perez

Back at it for another season ⚽️

First practice for the kiddos today.

First Steps

While talking with my wife about yesterday’s awful day for the kindergartner, the baby decided to join the world of bipedalism. Two steps between mom and I. Then stumbled—a lot. A lunge and fall toward dad. Then more crawling back and forth. Two steps to mom. Three steps to dad. At first she was surprised with herself. Then, she couldn’t do it anymore because she was psyching herself out at the accomplishment.

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My kindergartner was denied an opportunity to sing at his school’s winter recital today. He’s been struggling with anxiety since school began to the point that we’ve even had some assessments done by the school. We have a behavior plan in place for him. He does well some days, not so much on others. This morning was one of those “not so much” days. But what bothers me is that the school framed their decision about avoiding embarrassment “for him” or us, as parents, but pointed to his outbursts in a negative light as justification for their decision.

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A fasle start on post-pandemic date night.

So last Saturday we got a date night, courtesy of my wife’s sister who was in town. It was our first since the before times. But less than hour into it, my sister in law called and gave us some bad news! My oldest was doing a “trick” on the monkey bars for his uncle and fell. To be honest, it was hard for me to see the kiddo in so much pain and to be uncomfortable these past few days, but we are rounding the bend.

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Reading with grandpa. 📷

My dad drove out to visit us; it’s been two years since we’ve seen him. The big kids were stoked to share their books with him. Dad was more stoked to read the books with them.

Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed,
The dear repose for limbs with travel tired,
But then begins a journey in my head, To work my mind when body’s work’s expired.

—Shakespeare, Sonnet 27

I recently started reading the sonnets to the big kids as they fall asleep.

Starting Soccer, pt 3

We conclude our three part story on the boys starting soccer this spring. Paco had his first practice. Other than missing the first half of the NCAA Men’s basketball final (and let’s be honest, after how bad Baylor dominated, I didn’t miss much), I was glad the start time was a little later in the evening. Paco did a lot better at practice than in his first game. I had mentioned previously that he struggled during the game because he didn’t understand that other kids get turns at the ball, and he doesn’t need to score a goal on every possession to have fun.

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Spring Soccer, pt. 1

Today Nacho had his first soccer practice. He wanted to do a sport for more than a year and just as we began to look at youth sports last spring, the world shut down. So he was, to put it lightly, more than thrilled to start soccer. He struggled a few times. Thrice he came running back to me asserting he wanted to quit. Thrice he went back and kept at it.

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