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I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, didn’t even see scores until the morning. I’m surprised how deeply content I am with that. 🏈

What's in my RSS right now

Earlier in the week, I posted on what apps and subscriptions I have currently, going into 2022. I thought it was helpful to clarify for myself where my financial commitments were going. Even free apps will use data—either data that I pay for, or data that I create in using it—or my time, both of which have financial implications. I thought, therefore, it might also be helpful for me to sketch out what I am consuming in RSS right now.

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Daily Stoic Journal

📚 I’m teaching a course on political leadrship this semester (only ten days until classes start!), and among the required books for my students is Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic Journal. It’s a daily journal with prompts and reflections from the stoics. I am integreating it with our readings because I hope to teach them the art of critical self-reflection. But as a teaching method, I decided I would practice what I preach and do it with them.

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Resolved, 2022

TL;DR: My changes, and updates for (mostly) personal social media use I’m very much looking forward to making Microblog my digital center of gravity in the new year. I came back to it in the spring after trying, then quitting it, back in 2018. I relied on it, a lot this year. I expect to be more active in 2022. But, I’ll still be around in other places. Glass Flickr Literal Mastodon Twitter (but only if you’re a professional academic or into national security) I don’t “do” resolutions, but this year almost made me I haven’t done a new year’s resolution in over a decade.

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