NYT. Microsoft Hires Sam Altman In case you missed it, Sam Altman Doesn’t Want to be your AI King… but he might be anyway, The New Atlantis (July 2023)

My university IT department did not freeze computers from upgrading to Sonoma. It’s a Christmas miracle.

It look most of the weekend, but I finished Wolfram’s ~20,000 word article on ChatGPT. It’s technical, but not prohibitively so.

🗞 Only One Company… There’s only one big tech company that seemingly never played this hire-for-the-sake-of-hiring game, and thus hasn’t announced any layoffs at all, let alone a headcount that would fill a basketball arena. Just one. One company that has, at its best, always kept its cool …

“More than any other time, if you are not on Twitter, you just don’t know what is going on.” 🗞️ Twitter comes of age - Marginal REVOLUTION

🗞️ Professors and academics will stay on Twitter—for now Mostly confirms my priors the network effects will keep most of academe on Twitter.

I’m uninstalling Emacs and moving my config files into archive. As powerful as it is, maintaining it isn’t worth my time and energy, especially when a good chunk of my workflow is on the iPad. It’s been a good run (~11 years), but it’s time to move on (at least for now).

Is anyone using logseq, and if so, what are you doing with it?

A modest proposal: If university libraries are going to lean into eBooks over physical books, they should also make it easier for logging into whatever eBook reader app is necessary to read said books.

I have the seen the future and it’s a two-stage, 5/8 horsepower, noise dampened garbage disposal. 🤙🏽🏡

PSA for those keyboard shortcut users on Mac who suddenly are wondering why CMD+I opens mail.app, I found the workaround.

Wow, yeah. This is wild.

🔖 Society has a trust problem. More censorship will only make it worse

Yesterday a student admitted to not knowing the meaning of “ripping” a CD. To be clear—not “Oh, yeah I heard of it, but never knew what it meant.” Rather, “Uhm, what is ripping and why would anyone ‘rip’ a CD?”

🗞 Your Attention Didn’t Collapse, It Was Stolen Brutal. See also, Deep Work

Home screen & subscriptions in 2022

I meant to post this on the first, but then forgot. Thankfully, other microbloggers posted their iterations of this genre. @maique Subscriptions @podique 2022: my subscriptions @gabz Subs game Here’s my iPhone setup. I only have one home screen. Merlin Mann convinced me on a podcast years …

Resolved, 2022

TL;DR: My changes, and updates for (mostly) personal social media use I’m very much looking forward to making Microblog my digital center of gravity in the new year. I came back to it in the spring after trying, then quitting it, back in 2018. I relied on it, a lot this year. I expect to be …