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What's in my RSS right now

Earlier in the week, I posted on what apps and subscriptions I have currently, going into 2022. I thought it was helpful to clarify for myself where my financial commitments were going. Even free apps will use data—either data that I pay for, or data that I create in using it—or my time, both of which have financial implications. I thought, therefore, it might also be helpful for me to sketch out what I am consuming in RSS right now. As I said before, nearly everything is inside Net News Wire, an original RSS reader for the Mac with a protracted, yet storied provenance.

In addition to reading both the NYT and WSJ most weekday mornings, a common theme you’ll find here a heterogeneous and eclectic mix of political writers and websites, from social-democrats, to libertarians, to constitutional-conservatives. Much of these readings patterns are functions of my day job, but also of adding, dropping, and re-adding websites and writers who continually show up in places I respect. My goal is to have a broad mix in my morning reads. Basically, if I don’t finish the queue on any given day, it all gets marked as read and I don’t worry about what I missed.

On my Laptop

Synced to iCloud

What’s getting dropped, or has been dropped

That’s it. I wonder how this list will shape up through the year. I know it’s changed a lot since last year, and I regret not writing down where my news consumption was back then.

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