Sunday vibes.

    Wide angle photograph of Chase Field, a baseball park.Young boy cheeringPhotograph of father and son after a baseball game

    “It’s hard to answer that right now,” Stroud said, … “I know where I come from in college, if you don’t win it all, then it’s kind of a fail. So that’s kind of the mindset I have.”

    CJ Stroud not ready to call the season a success Go Buckeyes.

    Nick Saban. 🏈

    (That’s it. That’s the post.)

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis asks for $1 million for Florida State to sue CFP committee over snub

    Strong endorse. I was hoping FSU would sue, and this increases the likelihood. 🏈

    Forgot to wear my “game of the century” (2006 throwback) t shirt this morning. But the kids were behaving, so we had to take the photo before the moment was gone.


    Ohio State v. Notre Dame is one of the most bananas games I’ve seen in regular season in a long time. We’re in USC-ND 2005 territory.

    Got the kids some new T-shirts for game day. (Sister still insists on her dress.)

    While taking a job candidate to dinner, I spied Pete Carroll having dinner. Didn’t expect that on my Friday night bingo card.

    I haven’t watched a bad game this entire tournament. 🏀

    We caught the last day of spring training with two of my brothers who were in town.

    Good times all around. ⚾️

    Buckeyes lost, but we had a good time watching the game with the kids. How Firm Thy Friendship.

    It’s game day in Ohio. I was trying to explain to my students here in Tempe the level of commitment folks have for the Buckeyes and, of course, The Game. For many of them, the idea is foreign. Even the rivalry game against that team in Tuscon is underwhelming.

    Go Buckeyes!🏈

    Not only did I kinda my Padres beating the Dodgers because I was hosting a manuscript workshop, I also missed the Vols beating Alabama. What a day! 🏈