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First date night since the before times, belatedly(*) celebrating 8 wonderful years.(**)

(*) No. 2 woke up with pink eye on our anniversary last month.

(**) Not counting the time a year ago when No. 1 broke his arm 30 minutes into dinner out.

Every year for my birthday, my kids “surprise” me with a home made cake or cupcakes. It takes more work for me to conveniently be gone, and not hear them talking to mom about “you know what.” But it’s swell all the same. 📷

I didn’t watch the WWDC keynote. But I did take the kids to their first swim lessons. 📷

My birthday is tomorrow, but my wife is impatient. So she made me a drink before dinner and put in my gift, a cocktail glass engraved with a map of hometown. 📷