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We let momma hit up brunch and a brewery, alone, this morning after Mass. Then we joined her for the last little bit. 📷

Cheers, again, to all the moms!

O Vere Beate Nox 📷

Easter Vigil at his request. Deo Gratias.

First time inside Chik-fil-A since the before times. 🐓📷

Needless to say, the kiddo was very happy about it.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kushner

A quick family photo after the Mass. (Note the water all over one of the kiddo’s shirt. He totally wasn’t playing in the fountain.)

She loves her biggest brother.

(Taken at Mass—a rare exception to my no phone policy at church.)

Kids soccer, yet again.

It was a warmer start to our weekend soccer games than last week when the reported 55 degrees was warmer than it felt. This week is quintessential Arizona winter. Highs in the 60s, sunny. Little brother had the first game. He loves it more and more each week. I didn’t get any shots of the big kiddo’s game but he also did well. The difficulty now is the two babies are more mobile.

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I’m not ready for her to be a beautiful toddler. But she runs ahead to her future anyway.

📷: the inestimable Mrs. Perez