Who is America’s best vocalist, and why is it Sam Cooke?

Earworm courtesy of a YouTube suggestion, which I did not watch, for the 1812 overture. 🤙🏽

Yesterday a student admitted to not knowing the meaning of “ripping” a CD. To be clear—not “Oh, yeah I heard of it, but never knew what it meant.” Rather, “Uhm, what is ripping and why would anyone ‘rip’ a CD?”

🗞 🎵 Nature in a human crisis pt.3 - Spacewalk Audio Fastest subscribe I’ve done in a while once I discovered @spacewalkaudio on soundcloud.

🗞 Why has classical music declined? - Marginal REVOLUTION Tyler mentions them, but I’m going with two wars that destroyed European culture and technologies that shifted “music” from the score to the recording (read: personality).

🎵 The Grey Albumn (Remastered) – A classical I recently rediscovered this morning.