☕️ 🛫 wasn’t on the agenda 12 hours ago, but here we are.

One upshot of the younger brother discovering where mom hid the oldest’s Christmas presents this morning is the beautiful strumming on the ukulele while I drank my coffee and got ready for the day.

Sometimes weekends are an echo of the weekdays. Pre-dawn and the kids are up. Thankfully, there’s always coffee. ☕️

19 years ago I bought a “Queensland” Starbucks mug in Australia. This morning it slipped from my hands while cleaning and cracked straight through. It survived checked luggage home and eight cross-country moves. ☕️

Coffee and Bayes. My friends who know me will laugh at what has befallen me. ☕️

Sometimes you have to start your coffee day with an espresso and then move on to a pour over. Today is one of those days.

OG Starbucks, Pike’s Place Market