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Daily Stoic Journal

📚 I’m teaching a course on political leadrship this semester (only ten days until classes start!), and among the required books for my students is Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic Journal. It’s a daily journal with prompts and reflections from the stoics. I am integreating it with our readings because I hope to teach them the art of critical self-reflection.

But as a teaching method, I decided I would practice what I preach and do it with them. Although I keep a semi-daily journal of professional things, like research notes, this seemed like a fun challenge. They won’t start until the first day of class. That’s by design, so that I have a head start to think about how the daily prompts are working for me.

Not quite a New Year’s Resolution—more like a new semester experiment. But since it coincides with the new year, I guess we’ll count it but with the asterisk.

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