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Full day of teaching, office hours, and students already worried about writing papers. Nature is healing. We’re getting there, folks. Slowly, but steadily.

In a first for student emails. The entire email—greeting, body, salutation—is in the subject line.

How to course prep for the first day of class tomorrow when your wife is recovering from Covid, and it is also her birthday:

  1. You don’t.
  2. There is no step two.

Daily Stoic Journal

📚 I’m teaching a course on political leadrship this semester (only ten days until classes start!), and among the required books for my students is Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic Journal. It’s a daily journal with prompts and reflections from the stoics. I am integreating it with our readings because I hope to teach them the art of critical self-reflection. But as a teaching method, I decided I would practice what I preach and do it with them.

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