Luke M. Perez

“Look, guys, some people have the Constitution or drugs. I have October.” —my wife

Remember the time I bought an expensive wine to share with my wife who had a rough week and then my toddler dumped her backwash filled cup of water and ice into my wine glass because ::checks notes:: “sharing”? Yeah, me too. Good times.

Flew through Dulles this week for the first time in ages. He was a great statesman, and we should do more than just name an airport after him. Oh, and these are cool.

Snagged the first pumpkin pie of the season. Somewhat early, but it was on sale. It did not disappoint. Bonus points: kids were stoked.

First time for everything I suppose. Arrived before TSA has opened security.

Less than a week away from my (first) trip to Canada. Anyone from Montreal who has tips on good food hit me up.

TFW when you discover an extra 3,000 words for your book manuscript that didn’t transfer over from one program to the next, thereby solving the puzzle of why you felt like you were behind. It’s happening, folks.

So our A/C went out in the middle of the night. Here’s hoping (a) we can get a technician out to inspect it today, and (b) it’s something small and not that we need a new unit.

Nicole Auerbach on the 8 billion dollar BigTen media rights deal.

The Big Bang didn’t happen 🗞🧐

Waiting, almost time. 📷

Flight delay. 📷

Nothing says back to school like two kids with fevers and a rash. 🤙🏽

And just like that, a first grader. 📷

It was a great night last night with the guys. 📷

If you’re looking for a way to get your mind of your writing, or any creative work, so that you come back to it fresh, and save a lot of money, I recommend spending your Sunday troubleshooting and repairing your dishwasher. Win-win.

Fantastic energy at Chase Field tonight. 📷⚾️

Never fun when the little ones are sick, especially for the little ones. Number two was so sad, calling for mommy. Mommy got him sorted. I got number four back to sleep, and cleaned up the mess. Poor kiddo.

Fatherhood is eighty percent just turning off lights behind your kids. The other half is flushing toilets.

First date night since the before times, belatedly(*) celebrating 8 wonderful years.(**) (*) No. 2 woke up with pink eye on our anniversary last month. (**) Not counting the time a year ago when No. 1 broke his arm 30 minutes into dinner out.

A Big Ten welcome to USC and UCLA.

I can confirm that a cheese grater, if properly sharp and well maintained, can take a deep chunk of skin clean off your thumb faster than you drop an f-bomb from the sharp pain. Just in case you were wondering, now you know.

Take maths seriously, folks.

I am not wholly persuaded by this novel proposition for selecting SCOTUS Justices, but maybe. It’s better than the 18 year proposal which wouldn’t de-escalate the significance of presidential elections and Court nominations.

“But our holding in Espinoza turned on the substance of free exercise protections, not on the presence or absence of magic words.” Sick burn from SCOTUS