A modest proposal: If university libraries are going to lean into eBooks over physical books, they should also make it easier for logging into whatever eBook reader app is necessary to read said books.

Life in lockdown held back under-fives, via The Guardian

Back at the pool. 📷


The kiddos and their cousins shut it down. 📷

Always good to get out of grading purgatory.

Email from Feed Wrangler that it’s shutting down. Here’s many great years of RSS service.

O Vere Beate Nox 📷

Easter Vigil at his request. Deo Gratias.

Moving brick and doing yard work this morning. This little companion was a stowaway on one of the bricks. 📷

I have the seen the future and it’s a two-stage, 5/8 horsepower, noise dampened garbage disposal. 🤙🏽🏡

I love Emacs—it’s text manipulation power is unrivaled. But sometimes maintaining packages and the config files don’t seem worth it.