I was randomly contacted to participate in a national survey about the 2024 election. As one who holds a PhD in political science I was more gitty to “look under the hood” than happy to share my idiosyncratic views as a member of the electorate. Lot of interesting survey design questions.

🎵 Technically Acceptable - Ethan Iverson - ★★★☆☆

Technically Acceptable - Ethan Iverson poster

Weird album. Very inconsistent from song to song, both in terms of mood but also in quality.

Finished reading: On War by Carl von Clausewitz 📚

Technically, I read the Jolles Translation with my students, but that edition includes Sun-Tzu and I don’t want to imply that I read both at the end of the year.

Finished reading: History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides 📚

Arguably the best translation I’ve worked with Lattimore and Woodruff’s abridged coming in close behind.

Welp, make that two kids down with strep. One of the littles woke up from a nap saying that it hurt to swallow.

Big kid has strep. Been at least a year but ugh. He’s miserable. Now it’s a wait-and-see to see if the others develop symptoms.

🎵 Saviors - Green Day - ★★★★★

Saviors - Green Day poster

I remind you, Billie Joe Armstrong is 51, still killing it.

Finally got approval from my work to buy Omnifocus 4. Tomorrow will be a very good day in the office.

“It’s hard to answer that right now,” Stroud said, … “I know where I come from in college, if you don’t win it all, then it’s kind of a fail. So that’s kind of the mindset I have.”

CJ Stroud not ready to call the season a success Go Buckeyes.

The big kid submitted a user form in Google Maps to rename one of the alleys in the neighborhood after him. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing “Nacho Cheese Road.” Personally “Lane” or “Walk” would have been better, but alas. Can’t win ‘em all.

Now playing 🎵 O.P.P. - Naughty By Nature - ★★★★★

Playing the jams on the local radio this morning.

This lawsuit is one of many the NCAA is currently facing on multiple fronts, and … All of it is part of the NCAA’s ongoing quest for an antitrust exemption from Congress

DOJ joins antitrust suit against NCAA

The incredible shrinking podcast industry | Semafor

Apple has quietly tightened its reporting of how many people listen to podcasts, sending shock waves through an embattled audio industry … Apple wrote in a blog post, … had begun switching off automatic downloads for users who haven’t listened to five episodes of a show in the last two weeks.

Toughest mom in the US, full stop.

When Alaska flight 1282 blew open, a mom went into ‘go mode’ to protect her son | The Seattle Times

I saw this story making the round on the various Socials. A boy was in the window seat immediately in front of the door plug that was pulled out of the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282…

As the outrush of air subsided, Faye was gripped with a fear that another panel might pop out in their row. There was no such panel, but she didn’t know that. She tried shouting to her seatmate that they had to move, to get out of those seats.

With the noise of the air outside and with masks on, the seatmate couldn’t hear her.

At that point, “things had stopped flying out. I could see that his bag was on the floor,” Faye said. “I realized the pressure is now no longer such that we are risking getting pulled out by getting out of our seats.”

Faye said she took off her mask so her seatmate could hear her and said “on the count of three I’m going to unbuckle him. We’re going to pull him out.”

Until then, Faye had seen no flight attendant. As they unbuckled, she reached up and pushed the call button.

A flight attendant came to their row. “I saw the shock on her face,” Faye said. “I remember thinking she didn’t know there was a hole in this plane” until that moment.

As they got up, Faye threw her son’s bag into the aisle.

The flight attendant helped them find new seats. The boy was placed in a middle seat about four rows ahead of row 25 and on the other side of the plane from the hole. Faye and her seatmate were seated together eight to 10 rows ahead of him.

Faye said the passengers around her in that forward row had no idea about the hole in the plane until she told them.

Incredible story. Absolutely bonkers.

Ladies and gentlemen, Three.

📷 credit: the wife. See also, one year ago today.

Welp. One of the big kids is up with croup.

The Three Factions of American Culture (Substack)

The macroculture, it must be emphasized, is nowhere near collapse. I think it will transmogrify, not vanish. But it’s no longer growing. It’s the microculture that is expanding, often explosively.

This is not a value judgement, merely an expression of bare fact.

How Football Works: Introducing the keeper-back (The Athletic) ⚽️

Good stuff from The Athletic, especially for casual soccer fans such as myself.

The culture/media war of 2024 has already been won (Ted Gioia)

In other words, legacy media is collapsing at the very moment that alternative platforms are booming. I’m doubling my audience in 2023 (up more than 120% year-on-year), but the Stripe numbers indicate that this is happening everywhere in the alt culture. … I hear every day from people asking me to share what I’ve learned from running a successful Substack. But the folks approaching me are all involved in new media platforms. I never get asked a single question about Substack from mainstream media people (although they are always asking me to contribute). They obviously believe that they have nothing to learn from the microculture.

🗞️ Tension Between Micro Culture and Macroculture. This is easily among the post important things I’ve on this in recent memory and well worth your time.

Nick Saban. 🏈

(That’s it. That’s the post.)