Luke M. Perez

One trend of the Twitter exodus, such as it is, is that quality of non-political Twitter has gotten better. My lists following other topics like sports, photography, literature… they’re all more active with better quality than even a few weeks ago.

Sunday after thanksgiving means finding that inner motivation to just finish off the pie and eggnog.

Buckeyes lost, but we had a good time watching the game with the kids. How Firm Thy Friendship.

It’s game day in Ohio. I was trying to explain to my students here in Tempe the level of commitment folks have for the Buckeyes and, of course, The Game. For many of them, the idea is foreign. Even the rivalry game against that team in Tuscon is underwhelming. Go Buckeyes!🏈

Oh, hello, Strep and Hand Foot and Mouth, so nice to see you both again. Since you were just here a few weeks ago, we thought it would be a while before you came back. Make yourself comfortable (we know you always do).

My Black Friday shopping ritual is pretty straight forward. I don’t. Instead, I sleep in and then watch movies all day. But for those out snagging deals, may the odds be in your favor.

To retain some peace and quiet today, I’ll be off most (it not all) of the day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Cheers.

It’s all fun and games until the kids jump into the trunk of the minivan and squash the pumpkin pie.

In a shocking update, kids who go to bed late will still wake up at pre-dawn hours. You don’t know that, but now you know. 🤙🏽

I just informed an international graduate student about Trader Joe’s and his eyes lit up as if I had explained that time travel was possible. My work here is done for the day.

I already ready to begin my graze of pre-feast treats for the Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s go, people.

So glad we bought ice earlier this past weekend. Already sold out at our local grocery store as the Thanksgiving preparations pick up.

I don’t think I need to repeat myself, but it’s the Sunday of Thanksgiving, so having pumpkin pie with morning coffee is basically the law.

Biting your younger brother is, I must admit, one of the more novel applications of the “it was accident defense.”

Look, I’m not an expert and don’t have strong priors on this. I very well could be wrong. But… and hear me out. I think I need to replace this spare tire.

Barrel full day between meeting, teaching, meetings, and teaching. Whew.

Who is the most underrated franchise player in any sport?

It’s all fun and games until your little brother whacks you with an aluminium mixing bowl in what he thinks is just part of the regular morning horseplay.

The big kid called to remind me that I must leave work early today so we can hang out longer because I was gone all week. He’s a persuasive litigator.

Sprinting across the Charlotte airport was not on my agenda this morning. Made it. Barely.

Thankfully I do not need to adjust to the weather. Flying back to sunny, and much warmer, Tempe this afternoon. Great conference at Notre Dame this weekend. I’ll be back.

I had a suspicion last night that my conference was going too good, that, statistically speaking, I was due for at least a small road bump. This morning I learned there was no hot water in my hotel. (Here’s hoping, praying that it’s fixed by this evening.)

I was expecting a marvelous display of injury from the plenary lecture, but MacIntyre shows no sign of slowing down his deep probing of the universe and ethics. So far this conference exceeds even high expectations.

I need to minister my time well when at a conference with so many good panels and lots of old friends and colleagues in town.

I’m certain about few things in life but among them, seeing old friends from grad school later tonight, and their kids, will be worth waking up at zero dark thirty for the pre-dawn flight out of town.