Daily Stoic Journal

📚 I’m teaching a course on political leadrship this semester (only ten days until classes start!), and among the required books for my students is Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic Journal. It’s a daily journal with prompts and reflections from the stoics. I am integreating it with our readings because I hope to teach them the art of critical self-reflection. But as a teaching method, I decided I would practice what I preach and do it with them.

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☕️ Second pot of the new year. We’re definitely consuming a lot of the good stuff this year.

(Not pictured: the total chaos of the kitchen.)

Resolved, 2022

TL;DR: My changes, and updates for (mostly) personal social media use I’m very much looking forward to making Microblog my digital center of gravity in the new year. I came back to it in the spring after trying, then quitting it, back in 2018. I relied on it, a lot this year. I expect to be more active in 2022. But, I’ll still be around in other places. Glass Flickr Literal Mastodon Twitter (but only if you’re a professional academic or into national security) I don’t “do” resolutions, but this year almost made me I haven’t done a new year’s resolution in over a decade.

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Watched New Year in NYC with the kiddos. As far as their concerned it’s 2022. So, thus, it is for me. Happy New Year, everyone. All my love and prayers to you.

🗞 🎵 Nature in a human crisis pt.3 - Spacewalk Audio

Fastest subscribe I’ve done in a while once I discovered @spacewalkaudio on soundcloud.

Last thing I did before leaving the office today: writing 2022 on the white board for Monday. Happy New Year folks—especially to all of you on the other side of year. 🤙🏽

3-ish hours, for 82 lines of code

Basically—I’m an idiot when it comes to R code.

Winter time bliss in Arizona.

portrait of kiddo

It’s official. In ≈11.5 months, we have a walker. Littlest one is confidently talking 5-6 steps at a time. Just in time for the New Year. So she’s got that to top her list of 2021 accomplishments.

🎶 Earl Jeffers – Resident Adviser, via Soundcloud.

Some evening music while I clean up the house now that everyone is, finally, asleep.