What's in my RSS right now

Earlier in the week, I posted on what apps and subscriptions I have currently, going into 2022. I thought it was helpful to clarify for myself where my financial commitments were going. Even free apps will use data—either data that I pay for, or data that I create in using it—or my time, both of which have financial implications. I thought, therefore, it might also be helpful for me to sketch out what I am consuming in RSS right now.

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🎥 Streaming Music Sucks. It’s supposed to be parody, but—and hear me out—he’s not entirely wrong.

A year ago was a rough day for Americans. I wrote this shortly after, and I’d like to think it holds up.

My wife tested positive yesterday, after onset of mild-moderate symptoms. (None for me, not even a sniffle.) So I’ve been nurse and dad for the 4 littles ones all day. Not a problem. But… the internet has been down since this morning.

🗞 The Performative Demonstration of Education, via @benwerd.

Ultimately, we don’t care so much about actually educating people. We care about showing that we have educated people.

My view from academe: more true than most of you realize.

🗞 Your Attention Didn’t Collapse, It Was Stolen

Brutal. See also, Deep Work

🗞 How to watch movies

“3b. If you don’t “get” a classic movie with good pedigree, ¾ of the time the fault is yours.”

Home screen & subscriptions in 2022

I meant to post this on the first, but then forgot. Thankfully, other microbloggers posted their iterations of this genre. @maique Subscriptions @podique 2022: my subscriptions @gabz Subs game Here’s my iPhone setup. I only have one home screen. Merlin Mann convinced me on a podcast years ago to keep at least on row empty. I think he was talking about committments, but he said something to the effect that if we’re always operating at 80 or 90 percent, we won’t have anything left when the opportunity of a lifetime arrives.

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📻 Dawn Chorus high in the French Pyrenees

You’re welcome.

Anno Domini MMXXII

Yesterday was a lovely, restful start to the new year. Since the kids we’re up late to watch the ball drop in in New York, they slept in. We didn’t leave the house until nearly noon. The boys insisted they had to take me to the “air plane park,” a small playground near the municipal airport. The playground has plane themes everywhere including a windsock at the top of the structure.

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