Luke M. Perez

Comic gold take on Kevin McCarthy

Finished reading: Two Treatises of Government by John Locke 📚 Nice updated edition, with contemporary spelling. But the binding quality is subpar. It’s already coming apart in the middle of the book.

Finished reading: The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli 📚 (couple of weeks ago, teaching a new translation for me.)

Making slow (but steady) progress on my own manuscript revisions: Currently reading: Finding Faith in Foreign Policy by Gregorio Bettiza 📚

Finished reading: The Beginning of Politics by Moshe Halbertal 📚

My university IT department did not freeze computers from upgrading to Sonoma. It’s a Christmas miracle.

In a footnote, he added a line from the movie “Duck Soup” uttered by Chico Marx: “Well, who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” Might be my new favorite legal citation.

Ohio State v. Notre Dame is one of the most bananas games I’ve seen in regular season in a long time. We’re in USC-ND 2005 territory.

🛬 DCA->PHX (great conference, ready for home.)

Unexpected plane change in Dallas. I’m pretty sure I’m obliged by the law of nations to get some brisket for breakfast.

zero dark thirty. 🛫🤙🏽

Got the kids some new T-shirts for game day. (Sister still insists on her dress.)

We’re getting there. (It’ll still be a 100 degrees in the afternoon, but the morning feels great.)

We live in an age of abundance.

Finished reading: Shakespeare’s Sonnets & Poems by William Shakespeare 📚 Second time for the year, slower than the first one which I wrapped in late March.

I just got a solicitation text message from my local realtor who said he got my number from my mortgage company. I can’t change who services my mortgage like I can a cable company, but I could, I would have done that before I wrote this post.

My work here is done.

Overheard the big complaining to mommy, “Daddy is the worst babysitter ever.” This is a twofold win. First, my wife and I joke whether time with dad is babysitting or parenting. It’s parenting, but what husband doesn’t love the playful banter of “sure, I can babysit …

For anyone using Drafts to publish to microblog, do you know if there is a way to assign categories or tags? I’m unsure if I care much, as I can always go back and edit a post. But I was just thinking about it and a quick search didn’t reveal much.

We may be at a point where we need a radical departure from the standard model, one that may even require us to change how we think of the elemental components of the universe, possibly even the nature of space and time. Is There a Crisis in Cosmology?, NYT

Proton Pass for literal* pennies on the dollar. (Via @rom) I’m happy with 1Password, but if you don’t have a manager, there’s no better time to give it a go. * figuratively.

Finished reading: Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte 📚

Two-year old temper tantrums are all fun and games until you fall asleep on the kitchen floor. Fell asleep mid way through screaming and feigned tears.

I just solved a four year old problem on Emacs across two computers by removing my cache and bookmarks and restarting the app. So simple, but the cache is a hidden folder so it was not immediately obvious.

Finished reading: The Eclogues of Virgil by Virgil 📚

🎥 Printer Ink, It’s a SCAM, FStoppers