Luke M. Perez

Sometimes weekends are an echo of the weekdays. Pre-dawn and the kids are up. Thankfully, there’s always coffee. ☕️

Next up, a book I started before the pandemic and put down during it. Now I have time to give it my proper attention. The Librarian by Mikhail Elizarov 📚

As much as I want to exempt myself from yard work this morning, it’s gotta get done.

Deep admiration for my wife who is at her third pediatric appointment this week (twice alone) to test the kiddos for strep. (A second positive test for a kiddo, that’s three counting her last weekend.)

🗞️ Professors and academics will stay on Twitter—for now Mostly confirms my priors the network effects will keep most of academe on Twitter.

I’m waiting for Apple to give the iPhone Pro a USB-C port before I upgrade, but man the new camera is bonkers.

“As a born-and-bred Californian, I naturally think of RTOR as God’s will.” Kevin Drum, “Right Turn on Red” is California’s gift to the nation As a born-and-bred Californian, I naturally think Drum is correct.

First the wife, now one of the kids is down with strep. If another one goes down, I might be eligible for my medical license.

Taylor Swift, Straussian

Pre-dawn coffee in peace and quiet is an underrated joy, especially when the kids are still sleeping. Happy feast of All Souls to everyone.

The figure on Wednesday’s powerball is getting absurd.

And we’re off marauding for candy. 📷 Let’s just say the baby is uninterested in the games her brothers seem obsessed with.

Last weekend we had pozole at the church festival. 📷 My kid loves dramatic effect. But… he approves.

We had an eventful weekend. 📷

Welp. I can cross off waiting for the police to arrive to give a report after being harassed by someone—under age, college kid maybe?—to buy alcohol off my bucket list. (Not that it was on the bucket list to begin with.)

Not only did I kinda my Padres beating the Dodgers because I was hosting a manuscript workshop, I also missed the Vols beating Alabama. What a day! 🏈

Ladies and gentlemen, Seven years old. 📷

Murder She Wrote was my mom’s favorite show as a kid. My sister and I loved to watch it with her because she (mom) would get so into the plot. When I called to break the news to mom, she cried. Lansbury was GOAT.

Dinner, a story in three acts.

The pozole at Great Wolf Lodge might be in the top five I’ve had in Phoenix. Who knew?!🍳

Great Wolf Lodge for the kids’ birthday (two of them, next week). If I survive, AMA. 📷

“we are currently unaware of any evidence that Hans cheated in this game, and we do not advocate for any conclusions regarding cheating being made based on this one encounter.” File under: nothing-burger report #chess

2 years ago to the day, the big kid lost his first tooth just days before his 5th birthday. Tonight, just days before his 5th, our second just lost his first. Shaping up to be a household tradition.

“Look, guys, some people have the Constitution or drugs. I have October.” —my wife

Remember the time I bought an expensive wine to share with my wife who had a rough week and then my toddler dumped her backwash filled cup of water and ice into my wine glass because ::checks notes:: “sharing”? Yeah, me too. Good times.