Luke M. Perez

We caught the last day of spring training with two of my brothers who were in town. Good times all around. ⚾️

Taylor Swift, GOAT.

Razorbacks! Bye Bye, Kansas.

Welp: there goes my bracket! Well done, FDU!

For the first time since starting college, IIRC, this is the first time neither my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes or Villanova Wildcats are in the tourney. I’m a free agent fan this year. No heartbreak, all in for the fun of it. 🏀

My considered judgement is that the pitch clock is amazing. ⚾️

Finished reading: The Odyssey by Homer 📚

Spring training tickets, secured. Taking the big kid to see the Padres on Saturday. ⚾️

Tom Seizemore, Rest in Peace.

Among the most delightful reads in recent memory, a claxonomy of horns in Mexico City.

TIL that I share a birthday with Alexander Pushkin.

Because Tapbots transferred my Tweetbot subscription to Ivory (or Mastodon), I’m giving both another go until the sub ends in 60 days. You can follow me at if you’re interested.

While writing my narrative letter of the previous year for my annual review, and I gotta admit, adding that a student of mine is a Rhodes Scholar still feels “like wow, he did that. Boss move.”

Currently reading: The Aeneid by Virgil 📚

Finished reading: Writing for Social Scientists, Third Edition by Howard S. Becker 📚

A pleasure to re-read: Writing for Social Scientists, Third Edition by Howard S. Becker 📚

Finished reading: Civil War by Caesar. 📚

It look most of the weekend, but I finished Wolfram’s ~20,000 word article on ChatGPT. It’s technical, but not prohibitively so.

🤯 James Webb telescope detects evidence of ancient ‘universe breaker’ galaxies “It’s bananas,” said Nelson. “These galaxies should not have had time to form.”

In welcome news for academe, eLife is ending accept/reject decisions. Here’s hoping more of this follows.

Who is America’s best vocalist, and why is it Sam Cooke?

Our car was in the body shop all week to repair the rear bumper from having been rear-ended in December. Everything look great at pickup, and I left without testing the door (I wanted to get my kiddo to Lego club). But… I should have checked. Lift gate doesn’t open. 🤷🏽‍♂️

🗞 Only One Company… There’s only one big tech company that seemingly never played this hire-for-the-sake-of-hiring game, and thus hasn’t announced any layoffs at all, let alone a headcount that would fill a basketball arena. Just one. One company that has, at its best, always kept its cool …

Oh, hello semi-annual sinus cold. Nice to see you again.

Ladies and gentlemen, Two. 📷 credit: the wife