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The kiddos and their cousins shut it down. 📷

O Vere Beate Nox 📷

Easter Vigil at his request. Deo Gratias.

When you want to hangout with dad but didn’t have nap time today. 📷

First MLB game for the bid kiddo at Spring Training.

We got better seats than we deserved, I’ll tell ya that much.

Oh, and the starting pitcher signed his ball.

Baseball is back, folks. ⚾️

⚾️ My original seat locations for Angels spring training were taken already—so the ticketing office applied my credit to front row behind the dugout for Saturday. And they dropped prices, so I even got a partial refund.

Today, I’m one of several chaperones for my kindergartner’s first field trip.

Off to see the The Hungry Caterpillar as a play. 📷

First time inside Chik-fil-A since the before times. 🐓📷

Needless to say, the kiddo was very happy about it.

The audacity of a school administrator trying to end run around parents who, respectively, have a PhD and an MSW and who know the rules at least as well as they do is something. I don’t know if I’m appalled at the behavior or impressed at the bravado.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kushner

A quick family photo after the Mass. (Note the water all over one of the kiddo’s shirt. He totally wasn’t playing in the fountain.)