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Thanksgiving 2020

Neither isolated nor alone. And while we miss our extended families and friends, it was a beautiful meal and day of thanks.

Coffee after Mass

Went for a quick coffee after Mass with the big kid. He got a hot chocolate and really enjoyed the time hanging out with me. Although he won’t say it, I think his favorite part was ordering for himself instead of standing passively while I do for him. Just out of frame are our masks. This location has large sliding doors that are open in the winter when the Arizona weather is finally bearable.

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A quick coffee* after Mass (*it was a hot chocolate for him), November 22, 2020, Feast of Christ the King.

Power ranger or Luchador?

The Halloween costumes get a lot of use when you’re a toddler.

Sunday prayer

A quiet moment at the end of Mass when the big kid started to figure out that everyone uses the time after Eucharist for quiet reflection. He asked Jesus to make his brain smarter so he could get better at Chess—that’s a good start, I think.

Post-communion prayer. When I told Nacho we use the time after communion to pray for God to heal our hearts and help make us better, he asked if he could ask Jesus to make his brain smarter so he could beat the “robot on the chess game.”