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Feeding the ducks. . . . . #lightroom #monochrome #blackandwhitephotography #sonya7ii #sonyalpha

Free space, May 28, 2021. . . . . #vsco #monochrome #iphonography #familytime #iphone12promax

Quick view from my building. My office is actually one of the windows off the left but this view from the top of the stairs is so much better.

The true, the good, and the beautiful.

Big kiddo has his initial assessment for fall classes at a classical school here in town.

Starting Soccer, pt 3

We conclude our three part story on the boys starting soccer this spring. Paco had his first practice. Other than missing the first half of the NCAA Men’s basketball final (and let’s be honest, after how bad Baylor dominated, I didn’t miss much), I was glad the start time was a little later in the evening. Paco did a lot better at practice than in his first game. I had mentioned previously that he struggled during the game because he didn’t understand that other kids get turns at the ball, and he doesn’t need to score a goal on every possession to have fun.

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Starting Soccer, pt 2b (Opening Day!)

It wouldn’t be a full morning of soccer without the big kid’s first game. Our theme of jitters continued. In fact the pattern was the same: lots of eager excitement, followed by extreme shyness just before the game started, tears in and throughout the game, with moments of courage and elation. Nacho got to play goalie for a bit of the first half and was surprising good. But he was also scared of the ball.

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Starting Soccer, pt 2a (Opening Day!)

Today are the first games for the boys. Paco went first. Although we missed our first practice this week because we never received the email from the city league, Paco was very excited to get started. Of course, no game would be complete without butterflies. Paco ran out to start and immediately returned, crying, after the first scrum for the ball. He didn’t like that he didn’t get the ball. Then he said that everyone was too fast.

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Spring Soccer, pt. 1

Today Nacho had his first soccer practice. He wanted to do a sport for more than a year and just as we began to look at youth sports last spring, the world shut down. So he was, to put it lightly, more than thrilled to start soccer. He struggled a few times. Thrice he came running back to me asserting he wanted to quit. Thrice he went back and kept at it.

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I spent part of my weekend working on the back yard. When we bought our home last summer, both the front and back had been neglected for a long while. What green did cover the ground was a mix between crabgrass and nutsedge. After months of spaying herbicide to kill what was up, watering until new weeds emerged before repeating the process, I was finally down to the last few stubborn weeds.

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